The Droid


The Droid - 84 min - Belgium
(Screening: Sunday, April 9 - 4:00 PM - w/I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreamin' & The Alan Dimension) 

Directed by Marc Goldstein

What happens when a domestic droid, outfitted with a highly sophisticated personality chip makes a move to take his master hostage for his own good? 

Two major rival pianists, Jack and Henry, argue one day about a woman. Henry smashes Jack's hand. His career as a pianist is over. Jack gets then a test domestic robot, Glenn, to help him with the housekeeping. Until one day Jack discovers that Glenn could play the piano. Jack challenges Henry against his robot; but the robot has other plans for them.

Told with offbeat humor by the droid himself, a story eminently human, about what's good in men, about the quest of a machine, and eventually about love and respect for mankind. 

A cult movie in the making!




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